American Micro Steel Visits DISUR

The DISUR team welcomed the President of American Micro Steel (AMS) William Sullivan to their offices recently. This as a result of the initiative of David Southgate, DISUR Administrator of Projects and Database, who identified AMS as a potential investment partner.

AMS plans to build a steel mill in the municipality of Guayanilla, becoming the only manufacturer of steel rebar throughout Puerto Rico. Rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a common steel bar used in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures. AMS will be located on the former premises of the PPG Plant, land that is now in disuse due to the perception of environmental contamination.

In his visit to DISUR, Sullivan outlined a number of community initiatives that have the potential to train workers, develop jobs and spawn renewable energy projects and recycling. Other initiatives mentioned include export opportunities, business incubation and academic research, in cooperation and with the participation of DISUR.

Being a viable business with a long-term projection, AMS stated its great interest in supporting the socioeconomic development of the Southern Region. Benefits from establishing the steel mill include the creation of 400 direct jobs for the area, the creation of subsidiary companies and support a program consisting of scrap metal.

AMS has a particular interest in the management and collection of all scrap generated by the Puerto Rico municipalities, industries and consumers because this scrap represents the raw materials from which it will manufacture rebar.

In addition, DISUR is interested in initiating brownfields development initiatives, where abandoned industrial lands are revitalized for productive reuse.AMS has developed a clear agenda for development of the community and plans to join DISUR as a collaborator in the development of a regional agenda.