Port of the Americas

Strategic Alliances: Economic Development and Alliances

DISUR signed a collaboration agreement with the Multisectoral Alliance of Buyers and Suppliers and Techno-Economic Corridor of Puerto Rico (PRTEC) February 10, 2010. The event was held at the Bodega de Mendez in Ponce, during an activity of the Medical Devices Cluster, with participation from Hon. Ponce Mayor Maria M. Melendez Altieri, keynote speaker talking about the advantages of the Port of the Americas for the global supply chain and as a strategic project for the economic development of the South Region and Puerto Rico.

Comprehensive Development: Governor Visits the South of Puerto Rico

On December 3, 2009, DISUR held a meeting with Puerto Rico Governor Luis G. Burset Fortuño and members of the DISUR Board of Directors (representatives of the public (Mayors), private and academic sectors) at Pichis Best Western Convention Center in Guayanilla. The purpose of this working session was to present the governor with the achievements and plans for economic development of South Puerto Rico and present DISUR's five region-wide strategic projects.

Port of the Americas: Cranes Arrive at Port of Ponce

January 22, 2010, Port of the Americas Rafael Cordero Santiago celebrated the arrival of two enormous cranes. Puerto Rico Governor Luis G. Fortuño, Ponce Mayor Maria "Mayita" Melendez, Secretary of Economic Development and TradeJosé Pérez Riera, Executive Director of the Port Authority of the Americas (known as APA in its Spanish initials) Rhonda Castillo Gammill, members of the Legislature and the Executive, representatives of private and academic sectors and members of the community in general attended the festivities.

Free Trade Zone of South Puerto Rico (La Zona Libre del Sur)

A presentation on The Free Zone of South Puerto Rico (Foreign Trade Zone # 163) in the Port of the Americas. The presentation is in English.

International Center for Ports and Logistics Engineering (Port Engineering and Logistics (PEL) International Center)


The presentation provides an explanation of the International Center for Ports and Logistics Engineering. Presented by the University of Turabo.

Business Opportunities in Export Market

A presentation on export opportunities from Puerto Rico by Frank Galliano.

Port of the Americas


The presentation on the Port of the Americas includes a description of the various phases of construction and development of infrastructure. 

Valor Añadido - Oportunidades Compañía de Fomento Industrial de Puerto Rico


By Joseph A. Vargas, Executive Assistant, Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company.